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Welcome to DT356 Student Ministries Program

at Discovery Church!

7th grade through 12th grade


For the students to discover who Jesus is, to learn how to develop a lifelong relationship with Him, and to share Jesus with others through their lifestyle (habits, attitudes, morals, etc...) In seeking to fulfill this vision, Student Ministries offers activities that focus on:

Bible Study

A time for students to gather and learn the amazing depth and truth found in the Word of God; allowing Him to transform their lives as they begin to apply Biblical truths. (Emphasis on teaching & discussion)


An opportunity for friendships to begin and grow while hanging out and participating in activities, playing games, eating food, and having fun.


Providing an atmosphere of worship through music, scripture, and prayer for students to deepen their relationship with Jesus.

ForG.O. (for God and Others)

Learning to give up our own desires in order to spread the "Good News" of Jesus Christ and to serve others.

*Service: a collection of service opportunities for students to use their unique gifts, experiences, and passions to serve at church, in the community and around the world.

*Evangelism: learning to share the "Good News" with others & providing opportunities to do so.

Regular Activities

Discovery Teens 356 invites you to come discover who Jesus is and start the journey towards a lifelong relationship with Him. Along the way, have fun, meet new people, develop friendships, and explore who you are. Each activity we plan is designed to help the youth grow in their relationship with Jesus, each other, and to learn how to share Jesus with others.


Conversation Cafe' 9:00 am 

Grab a drink & a bite to eat at our very own cafe', catch up on the latest youth happenings, or join a discussion group or just hang out. Discovery Group begins at 9:30; exploring God's Word and learning how to apply it to our lives.


 6:00 - 8:00 pm  

Join us for worship, games, large group Bible study, and small group discussions. 



Each month we try to plan a special event for the students to participate in that allows the opportunity for fellowship and growth. Possible events: retreats, concerts, activities around town (movies, bowling, etc...), and events at church (playing video games, lock-ins, etc...). 

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